Creating calm using foraged and seasonal finds

I have found myself turning to the simple things (cliched I know) to connect and soothe while the world feels uncertain and chaotic. Here are a few things I’ve been doing this week, using foraged and seasonal finds to create a calm and cosy home, as well as feeding the soul with a dose of creativity.

Seasonal sauce and scent

We are coming to the end of harvest and the question here is what to do with all the apples. With two apple trees in our neighbours garden, there’s always plenty to go around, Indy is averaging 2-3 a day at the moment, now she can pick them herself, there’s no stopping her!

Today I made a very simple apple sauce, I’m a terrible cook, so this is super easy. Dice up apples, add cinnamon and heat. Perfect with yoghurt for a breakfast or evening snack when you crave something warming and sweet. I followed the recipe over on minimalist baker.

As well as being tasty, our kitchen was filled with the most comforting and delicious aroma. Honestly, the tasting didn’t totally live up to the incredible autumnal scents wafting around the house, although I still ate it all 🙂

To avoid waste lots of people are sharing and giving apples away at the moment as we come to the end of harvest, check out Facebook or local online notice board websites to see if you can pick some fresh from someone in your community close by. I didn’t buy cinnamon sticks or anything fancy, I used cinnamon powder that we had in the kitchen cupboard and it worked just fine. I’m my absolutely novice and totally unprofessional opinion.

Dressing the table

If you are anything like us, you’ve been eating at home for months, and as well as lacking inspiration on what to cook, you might be feeling tired of the space and environment.

SO.. I ask you to forage your home. That’s right. Find objects and things that you can style your table with. Now is the time to reach for a table cloth, or runner, or napkins. Those things you don’t really use, but actually could really elevate a meal time, lift your mood and help create a cosy and comfortable dinning experience at home.

Gather candles, any candles will do. In glass jars, in old wine bottles, or in your finest candlestick holders, I quite like having candles on mass making a centrepiece.

Bring in foliage or forage for dried flowers from your garden, local park or on the edge of pavements, decorate the table with natures finest.

In full disclosure we don’t do this everyday – we eat beans on toast in front of the tv too for balance. Although it is nice to make an effort, and elevates an everyday moment into something memorable.

Foraged Finds & Autumn Garland.

When I walk our dog Morris I look out for interesting leaves – different colours and shapes – collect them and bring them home. I love bringing nature indoors, for me being surrounded by natural materials helps to create a relaxing and calming space, and it’s a sustainable way to decorate your home without having to spend any money. We have a large white wall in our kitchen next to the table and I like to create hanging each season using stuff I’ve found on walks or in the garden.

I have a garland hanging at the moment (image above) and the leaves have curled up. They dry out pretty quickly when you bring them indoors so I’m going to make another, this time dipping leaves in beeswax to preserve their shape. At the moment the leaves are placed in-between books, in a make-shift press to flatten them ready for me to dip later this week.

I have seen some amazing autumnal wreaths online, Jo at Firain has a free tutorial to make your own, you can check this out here.

Seasonal activities with the kids

Apple bobbing. This is hilarious and brings so much joy. Plus it’s inexpensive. If you don’t have an outside space, you could do this in bath! Indy loved it.

I’ve been collecting horse chestnuts over the past six weeks without quite knowing what to do with them, then I saw a post by Sophie at Little Happy Learners that inspired the pic above. We made a conker run using an old cardboard box and some toilet roll tubes, indy loved posting the conkers through the tunnel, most of which went flying over our kitchen floor, definitely provided at least 20 mins of entertainment and peace 🙂

With the leaves we collected earlier this week, I’m going to try some leaf painting and rubbing, a good activity for a rainy afternoon, that could even double up as handmade xmas cards for friends and family.

Thanks for reading, this is what I’m doing this week to stay grounded and create a cosy and comfortable space at home. I hope this helps sooth you a little this week.

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