28 Moon Mornings

Moon mornings is a 28 day course hosted by Merilyn at Mylky Moon Lab, her teachings follow the moon cycle and zodiac wheel, where she shows us how the moon can be used as a map for our daily lives. I am by no means an expert, merely a resident moon enthusiast, who is willing to share my experiences so far with you all. So here goes… things I learned from following the lunar cycle for 28 days… 

The moon moves into a new zodiac sign every 2/3 days and each sign has a different effect on the energy and universe. The structure of the course followed the same pattern each day. Every morning, at the same time, a group of us gathered live via video link in kind of digital womens circle. First we tuned into how we felt that morning and then checked in with each other. Merilyn, the course organiser and chief moon lady, would then discuss the cosmic weather of the day, looking at where the moon is in it’s cycle (quarter, half, full etc), what sign we are in, and how this energy might affect us and how we can best work with it. We would then do a short practice, either a mediation, mudra (which is kind of like yoga for the hands), breathing or visulation technique to work with the energy.  This might mean a grounding practice or energy shift depending on how we felt.

  1. I have become more intentional about actions and decisions. 
  2. Set new habits. When the moon is in Virgo it’s a good time to introduce a new routine or rhythm. I started journalling. On the days when I was solo parenting, I woke up early before Indy to take time to write morning pages, stretch and do some yoga. This really helped to set up my day. I found I focused better and had greater patience with Indy throughout the day. 
  3. Gemini is a fun energy to play with. The opportunity to try different personalities to see what fits. Play with it. You might surprise yourself with what you can become.
  4. Getting out of my head and into my body. Through the various practices and visualisations I began to connect with an inner voice and started to understand what feels right in my body, and to trust that. I guess this is kind of listening to your intuition and gut. This helped me to gain a little more clarity in the direction I’d like to take Lulubells and personal decisions to make next. 
  5. A greater awareness of the universes natural energy. Taking a fresh approach to how we work and planning. The moon is an incredible map for our daily life. Moving away from Mon-Fri 9-5pm structure that’s so familiar to us, and moving towards more cyclical and seasonal living. Within each lunar cycle, we have four seasons, like we do in our calendar year. Very simply, the new moon is winter, waxing quarter moon is spring, full moon is summer, and waining three quarter moon is autumn. We transition through these seasons each month. There are many more layers to how this affects us, as we overlay zodiac energy, planets and where we are in our own menstrual cycle if we have one. This is the most natural way of tracking your energy and moods, and will show a true reflection of your inner calendar and seasons.
  6. A recognition that I need to tap into my feminine energy. The doing energy is very masculine. This is the dominate energy in the working world and I have definitely spent many years working with this energy. I’d like to explore the feminine and lean into it more. 
  7. Trust in timings. Learning not to panic and stress about making things happen now. It will all happen as it should and when the timing is right. The universe has her plan.  Yes she’s a woman.
  8. Scorpio and Leo energy are challenging for me. Indy’s birth sign is Scorpio.
  9. No matter how much we are told by society that we should be happy all the time. We are not always happy, and that’s okay. Life is about balance. If we can’t learn to embrace the times of inward reflection and discomfort, and understand why things are coming up for us and why at that time. We can accept it. Sit with it. This is part of the personal growth I have experienced from taking more time to analyse myself and the moon.

I definitely felt some resistance in changing my relationship with consumption. Old habits to comfort and escape feelings of discomfort. Be that eating chocolate, drinking wine, binge watching Netflix or scrolling on my phone.  I also realised that although I was on this path to self discovery, not everyone else was, so when I tried to get deep with my husband on multiple occasions to REALLY understand him, a ) he found it quite annoying. and b) he informed me that sometimes there isn’t a hidden meaning and perhaps the reason he didn’t want to have tortellini for dinner was because he didn’t fancy it, not because the moon was in Taurus and therefore we should be nourishing ourselves with wholesome grains and veg. So I guess try to have some perspective and don’t get too into analysing every single detail.

At the same time as doing the course, I was also listening to a podcast called Sober curious, I was absorbing a lot of information. When it finished, I felt like you can’t undo or unlearn what you know. And you kind of wish you could go back to before because it was easier to just consume but now that you are more self aware, you are tuned into every bloody decision you make and doing things with intension impacts EVERYTHING – what to buy, what to eat, where to shop. How am I consuming. I wouldn’t change it. But it’s not necessarily an easier life.

Merilyn at Mylky Moon Lab will be running the next 28 Moon Mornings in May if you would like to be guided through the zodiac wheel. Otherwise follow her on Instagram or sign up to the new membership to get daily moon updates.