Event toilet and shower hire

Who Gives a Crap?!

Well, your guests will, if they have to pee in a bush in the middle of the night. I’ll level with you. Luxury toilet and shower hire is by far the dullest part of wedding planning, who wants to spend time researching bogs when you could be pinning the sh*t out of dresses, table plans and DIY decorations. Am i right?!  So we’ve done the dirty work for you, getting to the bottom (ahem!) of what you need to prepare to make sure the wedding glamping runs smoothly. Can you tell how much fun I’m having with toilet puns?! I thought so. Here’s our handy guide to luxury event toilet and shower hire. If you found this useful, why not have a look at our journal for more event inspiration.

Toilet hire jargon:

Luxury loos, with a sink and flushable toilet require power and water.

POWER: A generator will do the job. Typically most units require an unshared and uninterrupted power source of 13amp. Check with the company if they supply a generator or if you need to hire separately.

WATER: Do you have mains supply? If you do, great. Just hook up to this. If not, find a hire company that provides a fresh water tank with the toilet unit. The tank is filled-up before the event to make sure there’s enough water to run the taps and flush over the weekend.

GROUND: Units need to be placed on flat, firm ground with good access.

Shower hire jargon:

Shower units use hot water, provided by electricity or gas.

POWER: Typically need 240V electrical supply from mains or via a generator and / or propane gas bottles.

WATER: If mains water supply isn’t available, it’s possible to connect showers to a water bowser. If you venue is really remote, it’s still do-able, just takes a little more thought.

GROUND: Units need to placed on flat, firm ground with good access. A soak away is required for waste water.

Every venue will have different set of circumstances, if you consider the above requirements, you’ll be A-OK.

Toilet hire, whats available?

BOG STANDARD: Portaloo, you know like the ones at festivals. They require no power or water.

PORCELAIN THROWN: Luxury loo, you know the white units that are supplied at fancy events, like Ascot and Silverstone. They require power and water.

Something a little different in luxury toilet and shower hire


From £150 to hire one unit for three days. These guys have nailed high quality, snazzy looking, portable showers. Water is heated by gas propane bottle, and a water bowser can be provided for sites without water. Units are available to hire from Norfolk, Hampshire and Devon. 

Hire Companies: Southdown Shepherds Huts (Hampshire) and Signature Blue Vintage Events (Devon).

2) SHEPHERDS HUT toilets, The Shepherds HUt COMPANY

Prices range from £495 for a one day wedding and up to £720 per weekend.
This unit contains two ladies rooms, each with a WC and Wash Hand Basin, plus a gents room containing a luxury toilet, a WC cubicle and a Wash Hand Basin.

Hire companies: The Shepherds Hut Company (Norfolk), Southdown Shepherds Huts (Hampshire) and Signature Blue Vintage Events (Devon). Site Equip (South West)


Prices range from £575 + vat. Posh Wash a range of shower units from 4 – 8. Showers are heated by gas boliers, designed with water saving shower heads, large cubicles with basin, mirror, shelf and coat hooks.

Hire companies: ZooLoos 

4) Toilet of Dreams, WaterAid at Glastonbury 2017

Blinged up WC with disco ball, glitter and mirror mosaics, its own sound system. Totally priceless. This was created to raise awareness at Glastonbury 2017.

No hire companies available, inspiration for your own project?!

5) pamper salon, VANITY VAN

Pamper guests by hiring your own pop-up beauty salon. Also a great space for guests to do make up throughout the night.


We are priviledged to host weddings in the wildest of places, so let’s not forget to be kind to the land and respect the wildlife and eco-systems surrounding your venue.

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I hope you found this guide useful and if you have any toilet related questions, within reason of course, then please do get in touch.

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