This week we are looking at the bright and bold Hometown, a creative Journal – a creative journal designed to help see and experience local life in a new way. Before diving into this, I wanted to share with you a little update on how things have been in the second week of shop life. I know how much it means to actually make the commitment to buy, be that when you hire us for your gathering, or when you buy an object from the shop. I genuinely want that exchange and contact to be the best it can be. I hope that when buying a treat for yourself, or a gift for someone else, the experience of selecting, buying and receiving your parcel is a good one, and if you stay with us, making sure you have the most comfortable stay is everything.

With this in mind, I wanted to share with you details about packaging I’m working on. This week I’ve been sourcing packaging to wrap your little parcels up with love, while being kind to the planet. So your parcel will arrive either wrapped in brown paper, a paper bag, or small cardboard box. All the items are FSC approved, which means they are from a sustainable source and are fully recyclable. Most cardboard and paper can also be broken down and put into your compost bin.

Inside the outer packaging, your goods will be wrapped in cardboard bubble wrap, tissue paper or fabric cloth, with string, cotton or twine to hold in place.

The cloth wrap is old linen and duvet covers I have repurposed from Lulubells hire, washed, hand dyed using plants or food waste to create a useful wrap that you can reuse when wrapping gifts to friends. The wrap is folded using a Japanese technique called Fushoki. Cloth wrap and recycled paper is the most sustainable way to wrap.

I will also reuse any bags, boxes, cardboard and tissue paper I receive from suppliers. With the help of Louise Jarret design, I am creating a note card that will include packaging and recycling information, that will go inside your parcel. Lou designed our logo in 2014 together with the branded thank-you / congratulation cards we send out to our customers.

Anywho, enough about packaging, let’s move onto the second instalment of the shop shelfie. This week we are having a looksy at Hometown Journal – a creative journal that is designed to help you see and experience local life in a bright new way.

Hometown, a creative journal


The Journal. Early journaling was mostly to record public events, however over time diary writing shifted from public to private reflection. Many creatives have famously used journaling as part of their process, and in modern society it’s used as a therapeutic process for well-being and unravelling thoughts.

Hometown Journal is designed to help you see and experience local life in a bright new way. Perspective is everything and this creative journal helps in fostering a new outlook. In a world of disconnection and increased sense of loneliness (Aisling Bee created a brilliant tv series on this) The activities and prompts in this book inspire mini-adventures, mindfulness, connections with nature, sustainability and community spirit. All of which help build a greater sense of belonging within a community and place.


Creator, Hannah Bevan holding a copy of Hometown, a creative journal

Created by Hannah Bevan, a creative who lives by the sea in Falmouth, and founder and editor at inFalmouth magazine.

Hannah spent many years moving from town to city, never quite settling in one place. In 2016 Hannah moved to Falmouth, a place she had always been drawn to. “Falmouth is an amazing place to live by many people standards but soon after arriving I began to understand that the feeling of “home” I desired was as much within myself as it was in a place”

Arriving alone Hannah adopted a more open attitude to making friends, new experiences and exploring. The people she met, the activities she was doing, helped her to see things differently. She felt happier and the world seemed brighter. This attitude led her to create inFalmouth magazine and earlier this year Hometown Journal.

Josie Staveley Tylor is a freelance illustrator based in Oxford who created all the bright and bold illustrations in the journal.

Illustrations by @Josiestillustration  in Hometown,  a creative journal


  • The illustrations and designs are inspired by the colourful houses of Bristol, the city where Lulubells was created.
  • Inspires mini-adventures, mindfulness, connections with nature, sustainability and community spirit. All things we value very much here.
  • Ideal staycation companion. A fun project for the family or to do on your own.
  • Great gift for someone moving to a new place, to help them explore, meet people and build a sense of home.  
  • Simple designs, bold colours and joyful illustrations by Josie Staveley Taylor.
  • A mix between a scrap, sketch and note book. I love how tactile it is when filled, with prompts to collect postcards, newspaper cuttings. The process helps to connect with our inner child and play in a way we don’t as adults.
  • Designed and printed in the UK.
  • Nurtures creativity in an accessible and simple way.
  • Encourages gratitude.
  • Greater sense of community and pride towards where you live.

If you have a gathering or event in mind and you would like help bringing this to life, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear more.