In how we treat our staff, our clients, customers and partners. We pay National Living Wage and treat everyone with respect, when working with us in the field, or if joining up with us on an object for our shop. We do not wish to support any businesses that are exploiting workers by using unethical supply chains.

Transparency and honesty

To be transparent around where we are on our journey of sustainability. Much of the soft furnishings has been bought before Lulubells became in tune with the problems facing the interiors industry and in particular fast interiors. It is likely that some of our bedding purchased from large retailers, where garment workers are not being paid fairly for their work, or where materials that are not farmed in a way that’s good for the environment. It’s counterproductive to throw all the stuff that we have away as this contributes to landfill, so in turn I have made a promise that when items need replacing, we will do this will our core values at the heart of our buying decision.

Repair, reuse and repurpose

As part of the process to reduce our impact, I promise to repair items that can be repaired, instead of replacing. I also promise to repurpose where possible. For example, any bed linen that can no longer be used due to a mark, or broken zip, I will repair or repurpose the fabric and use for another soft furnishing such as a cushion.

Creative and agile 

To strive to be creative and innovative in approach, and agile when needed.


To create long-lasting an meaningful relationships with each and every interaction. For those that find us to come away feeling uplifted. To collaborate with makers and small businesses that share our ethos.

Mindfully produced

Questioning the environmental impact of each product and understanding where it was made and by who. To use natural materials in the tents and to join up with others who work with natural products in a sustainable way.